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A Common Currency

As you can see from browsing some of our pages, the  media options available to the marketing professional are extensive and growing daily.

Marketing and Media professionals need a common denominator when allocating scarce media dollars. Cost per reader/viewer/responder,etc. is that denominator.

Circulation audit agencies bring predictability and accountability to the media planning process. In addition to certifying a publication's circulation data (and therefore their list rental data) the readership analysis is both in-depth and objective. 

However, in many cases a publication's circulation may not justify the auditing expense. Examine the readership data carefully, but bear in mind, many of the most respected journals are not audited.

There are three basic forms of circulation certification. First is the publication's media kit, which will contain circulation information. Absent any other certification, your decision should be based upon: the publication's history and your own experience.

PSS is a common term you'll see in our pages, under the CIRC. column. This stands for, Publisher's Sworn Statement. As the name implies, the publisher's reputation stands behind their circulation data. 

The last option is a certified audit statement from a third party audit bureau. This is a form of guarantee to the advertiser/list renter from a third party, non-profit auditing firm. However, it is not without cost. Publishers that subscribe to these services are generally well established and their rates reflect this. The best known auditing bureaus are: BPA International, ABC-Audit Bureau of Circulation, Verified Audit Of Circulation and CAC-Certified Audit of Circulation, (CCAC-Canadian ). In addition to providing circulation certification, most of these companies also include demographics and detailed readership information. 


BPA International

ABC-Audit Bureau of Circulation

Verified Audit Of Circulation

Certified Audit of Circulation


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