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Surgical Products Mail List Information

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Available for Rental  62,343 @ $120.00/M-Publisher's Posted Rate

A direct marketing list from Surgical Products will allow you to reach professionals throughout the entire surgical marketplace. Surgical Products reaches key decision-makers including surgeons, O.R. supervisors and O.R. purchasing supervisors.

-Locate professionals working in:
-General Surgery 
-Post Operating
-Emergency Department
-Operating Room/Surgical 
-Obstetrics/Gynecology Services

-Surgical Products reaches every acute care hospital in the U.S. along with surgi-centers, accounting for $18 billion in operating room equipment purchases annually.

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List Characteristics

BED SIZE:                                         
  Less Than 25                           3,539    
     25 -  49                                2,239    
     50 -  99                                2,165    
    100 - 199                              3,460    
    200 - 299                               2,413      
    300 - 399                               1,801    
    400 - 499                               1,050    
    500 - 999                               1,688    
  1,000 or More                          1,091    
JOB TITLE:                                        
  Physicians (chief of surgery,         18,466    
    general surgeon, medical director,            
    orthopedic surgeon, ob/gyn,                   
    gastroenterologist, other physician,          
  Other Surgeons (Bariatric Surgeon,     1,562    
    Abdominal Surgeon, Colon & Rectal             
    Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Surgical            
    Oncologist, Vascular Surgeon,                 
    Thoracic Surgeon                              
  Hospital Medical Dept Supervisors     20,340    
    (o.r./surgical services director,             
    assistant director, supervisor,               
    icu/ccu, department  supervisor,              
    emergency department supervisor,              
    infection control supervisor,                 
    central service supervisor,                   
    other department supervisors/                 
    heads/nurse managers)                         
  Purchasing (purchasing director,       7,169    
    o.r. materials manager, group                 
    purchasing association director,              
    other purchasing personnel)                   
  Other Department Director/Supervisor   6,166    
AREA OF WORK:                                     
    General surgery                     14,463    
    Orthopedics                         11,011    
    Urology                              9,098    
    Thoracic                             6,613    
    Cardiovascular                       6,761    
    Vascular                             7,658    
    OB/GYN                               9,046    
    Endoscopy                           10,515    
    Abdominal                           10,428    
    Colon & Rectal                      10,214    
    Pediatric                            7,629    
    Neurological                         6,218    
    Op. Room/Surgical Services          13,921    
    Post-Op/Recovery Room                9,511    
    ICU/CCU                              6,127    
    Emergency Dept                       8,021    
    Infection Control                    9,925    
    Central Service                      7,744    
    Purchasing                           8,479    
    Group Purchasing Association         5,110    
    Product Evaluation Comm              8,696    
    Other                                6,974    
    Operating Room                       8,981    
    Post-Op/Recovery Room                4,897    
    Emergency Department                 3,443    
    ICU/CCU                              2,942    
    Patient Rooms                        3,263    
    Central Service                      4,650    
    Hospital Based                      13,897    
    Free Standing Medical Center         1,568    
    Surgi-Center                           878    
    Office-Based/Group Practice          3,486    
    Clinic                                 922    

Want to rent list? Then email us at:

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Surgical Products

Minimum Order 5000 Names

List Source Subscribers available are from a BPA International audited publication.

1 year unlimited usage available
Prices subject to change without notice

Geographic Analysis:
State/Province/SCF $20/M
5-digit ZIP Code $20/M
Acquisition Source $20/M
Employee Size $20/M
Internet Usage $20/M
Job Discipline/Function $20/M
Laboratory Type $20/M
One Per Location $20/M
Recency $20/M
Sales Volume $20/M
SIC Code $20/M
Telephone Numbers $60/M
Title $20/M

Processing Fee: $45.00 Flat
Minimum Order Fee: $75.00 Flat

Addressing/Format Options
E-mail File $40/flat
Mag Tape $35/flat
Diskette $55/flat
Cheshire Labels NC
Peel & Stick Labels $10/M
Galley Printout $10/M
Key Codes $3/M
Splits $25 ea.
Barcoding (labels) $6/M $30 min.

Guaranteed 98% Mail Deliverability

Terms and Conditions
Rented for one time use only. 

Sample mailing piece required, subject to approval.

$10/M running charges plus $50 cancellation fee. List must be returned within 90 days or full rental charges apply.

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